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River Report - November 12, 2015

Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
It’s the annual white-tailed deer rifle season this week in Michigan.  The orange army is pulling on their red wool and rubber boots and taking to the woods in search of the elusive, gray ghosts.  Many

hunters are dreaming of the thick-antlered, mossy-horned, old trophy buck that just might break the camp record.  Others are solely out to put some fine food in the freezer.  And still others are all in for the comradery that comes from spending time with friends and family.

Most camps have that guy—the one that hardly ever sees the woods and likes just as well to be the camp cook and tell stories.  He may just be the best guy to have at camp.  Those folks always remind me of the old joke about the guy who comes home every year empty handed from his hunting trip.  His wife asks, “How was camp?  Did you have a good time?”

“Oh sure,” He says.  “It was lots of fun but the deer just weren’t moving this year.  You know, the weather and everything.  And by the way, I really wanted to thank you for helping me get packed, so I could hit the road right after work.  But you forgot to pack my underwear.”

“No I’m sure I packed them,” she says.  “I just put them in your gun case.”

That joke was better when I was twelve, but I still like it.

I do know this, though—there’s no wrong way to enjoy the outdoors in Michigan.  Like most of the folks out there, I fall in a little with all the different types of hunters.  I like the hunt, and the food, and I like the stories, and the traditions—those long lingering and those yet to made.  I’m looking forward to taking my little boy to see the big bucks on the pole at Skip’s this year.  It just may be the best buck pole in Northern Michigan and it’ll be a new tradition for us.

If all that stuff isn’t your thing, there plenty for you on the water.  Steelhead are in and anglers are finding a few.  The brown trout bite has still been just okay, but you’ll likely have the river to yourself.

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Good luck out there and be safe,