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River Report - July 6, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
July has arrived with a classic Michigan heatwave.  Temperatures poking into the nineties have the larger, main channels of our river getting too warm for good afternoon angling.  The best play for trout fishers on those waters is to hit the stream as the first light of the rising sun pokes into the bristled treetops.  The riverside birds will welcome anglers with song.  Birds sing loudly in the lonely mornings and the air and water is cool.

Tie on your favorite confidence patterns and get to the business of picking apart the currents and logjams.  Wade slowly and fish deliberately.  Use all the tools in your arsenal.  Dry flies rolled in bubble-lines should garner attention and wet flies, streamers, and nymphs may just do the heavy lifting.   Larger trout will be cruising their nighttime hunting lines, and so should be available before the sun hits the river.  Cautiousness is paramount for anyone hunting those predators.

As the day warms and the canoes start to float past, fishermen should either join the party or seek smaller water.  Canopied feeder streams and creeks generally run colder and fish feed in the shadows much longer into the afternoon.  Most of the creeks have burdened few angling hours yet this year, so the fish should be eager to the fly of your choice.  Adams, patriots, Borchers, and grasshoppers are all good first flies to knot onto your leader.

And it is still a night game for the biggest browns.  Mice and gurglers fished methodically after dark will produce for the rest of the Summer.

It’s time to just simply go fishing.  And it’s time to get new anglers introduced to this wonderful lifetime sport.  The Old Au Sable is offering beginner classes July 14th and again on July 15th.  The class covers everything a new fisherman needs to know.  Students will spend time learning on both dry ground and in the river.  Our class is for all ages and families, lasts for four hours and includes a free rod and reel for students to keep.  It’s a great deal and a wonderful way to get started down the path.  There is no time to start like the present.  Give us a Google and call the shop for details.

I’m so excited to get to the business of morning fishing and exploring the creeks!

Hope to see you soon,