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River Report - May 5, 2016

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report.
We’re having a nice, typical Spring here in Northern Michigan. We’ll get a stretch of sunshine that warms the spirit and then a stretch of cool, rainy stuff that greens up the grass.  The fishing has been good and poor in both sets of conditions.  The good news is that the ups have been very nice and the downs have been short lived.  It’s been such a dynamic year, that it’s hard to tell how the fishing will be just from a weather forecast.  Water levels, temperatures, photoperiodism, etc . . . have all been awkward dance partners this year and the odd combinations of any triggering factors have started or stopped the fishing.

I was able to hit the river with my good friend Josh the other day. His guide trip cancelled when the weather in the morning predicted a cool, rainy day.  That was about all I needed to hear to shirk my afternoon chores.  It was shaping up to be a perfect Hendrickson day and I was happy to take my turn on the oars with a good friend.

We took the drift boat and weren’t in the river for half an hour before the bugs started to hatch and the fish started to rise. The Hendricksons ended up being on the water in one form or another for many hours and we ended up hooking a bunch of nice trout.  It was a fine day of fishing for sure.

But what made it an unforgettable day for me was running into Alpena Bob on the river. I’ve started to get to know Bob this year beyond just small talk on his quick stops into the fly shop.  He had been in the same stretch of river the day before all alone, but instead of grimacing at us like interlopers as we launched the boat, he pointed out stretches that were good the day before.   We hop scotched all day long and compared notes and had just a fine day on the river.

Don’t forget that the Old Au Sable is offering one day beginner’s fly fishing classes with industry pro Ben Hunting on May 14th and again on May 15th.  Cost is for the class is $199 and includes a free fly rod package and instruction valued together at $365.  Great deal.

Hope to see you soon,