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River Report - January 29, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

Ice fishing is in full swing.  We have lots of hard water to fish and anglers have been taking full advantage.

So many anglers are hitting the ice in Northern Michigan, that I could barely find a tub of waxworms to buy last Sunday night in preparation for a Monday morning excursion.  My buddy and I poked into five different places before we found a few dozen.  That’s flat nuts!

People have headed to the woods and waters in droves this past year.  Sales of outdoor equipment sky rocketed.  It’s hard to find all sorts of gear.  And when folks do find something they might want, they jump on it—even hoard it.

I bought a rifle that I’ve always coveted a couple of weeks ago.  A Remington Model 70 in 30.06—a classic American rifle in one of the most American and common calibers.  Controlled feed action with beautiful wood.  And I haven’t even been able to shoot it yet!

Finding the scope I wanted was tricky, it took nearly a week to track it down in the dark corners of the internet. That’s tough for a guy that makes a living in a small brick and mortar store and who truly tries to shop local.

Rings were also a near impossibility for the particular make I wanted.  I think I found the last set available in the entire country.  And all of that almost doesn’t mean a thing because you can’t fire away without ammunition and good luck there.  I put all of my friends on the hunt.  There’s barely a bullet to buy anywhere of any size.

I finally found some at an out of the way, mom and pop place and had to pounce on two boxes, paying a bunch of money over the phone and having them stash the shells under the counter.  It’s amazing.  Gun racks and pistol cases are empty at our biggest box retailers and outdoor stores everywhere.  Empty.

Maybe I should be selling.  Anyone need a great American rifle and a couple boxes of shells?  I’m not one to panic, and I’m sure there will be more available before next deer season.

Anyway, I’m glad folks are getting their priorities straight and finding their way back to the outdoors.

Go have some fun out there.

2021 Bookings - If you have dates in 2021 either for the Lodge or for guides, I advise you to confirm. Books are filling very quickly and we need to dot “I’s” and cross “T’s”.  There are some suspicious gaps.

2021 Room rates will stay the same at $129 per night.

Guides rates will remain at $450 Full Day and $325 Half Day with the exclusion of June.

 June rates will raise to $475 for a full day and $375 for a half day.

Half Day Mousing trips are $400 for all of 2021.

Thank you and please give me a shout (989-348-3330) if you have any questions,