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River Report - August 9, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
There’s an amazing truth about rivers—rivers keep flowing to the lake whether we’re there or not.

On our cold rivers, we’re fortunate enough to have trout that keep feeding whether we’re there or not.  Sometimes, it seems like they feed only when we’re not there.  It leaves anglers with the singular question, “How do I catch the trout I know are there?”

It’s easier to understand when there’s a heavy fly hatch like we experience April, May, and June.  Then, the flies make fairly predictable diurnal movements and the trout follow suit.  It can be as simple as “the fish rise when bugs are on the water”.  All an angler has to do is identify the insects floating past.

During late Summer food is more spread out during the calendar day and any particular fish may be focused on a different food source at a different time of the 24 hour day.  Some trout are most active in the morning and evening hours when hatches of tricos, olives, and cahills are on the water and offer an easy meal.  Other fish get hunt as the day warms and terrestrial insects like grasshoppers, ants, and beetles get moving.  Those fish feed gently on nymphs, cress bugs, and sow bugs rolling along the bottom, but they always keep their eyes on the surface for a land based bug struggling in the currents.

And the biggest trout in the stream save their energy to hunt in the low light hours—hunting throughout the darkness for smaller fish, frogs, mice, and moths.  They hunt daily until they can fill their gullets with a large meal that will allow them to long lazily under logs for a few days.

All of this means that Summer anglers need to be versatile in their techniques and well aware of the possible opportunities.  Streamers, mice, hoppers with droppers and small hatch match flies are all viable strategies.  Stop by the shop and we’ll dial you in.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trophy hunter, this month is a fine time to book a guided fly fishing trip.  The Old Au Sable guides are seasoned professionals and can take you down whatever path you choose. Give the shop a call to book your adventure.

Don’t forget that the Old Au Sable is offering beginning fly fishing classes on August 18th and again on August 19th.  The classes cover all the bases and are designed to give you the skill level needed to confidently step into the stream on your own.  The classes start at 10 a.m. and last for four hours.  In the end, you (or your loved ones) will leave with a lasting knowledge of trout and trout fly fishing and with a new rod and reel to help you continue down the path.

See you soon,