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River Report - January 11, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
After multiple mornings over the past couple of weeks breaking thermometers and abusing Northern Michigan residents with pre-windchill temperatures down to negative twenty-eight degrees, this warm-up was both a physical and mental relief.  The gang was starting to get a little shiny with crazed Jack Nicholson eyes and crooked smiles.  It was a bit frightening—like two week stay at Overlook Hotel.

I love when we get these little winter heat waves.  They’re a gift.  Especially when they represent a seventy degree swing.   Now don’t get me wrong, I’d like nothing better than for winter to hang around averages both in snowfall amounts and temperatures.  Average conditions make for predictable fish and game movements and help outdoorsfolk decide how to spend their days.  According to averages, right now we should have a little fresh snow most days and high in the mid-twenties.

I’m geared to do just about anything on days like that.  A little fresh powder makes all sorts of skiing better and reasonable highs make ice fishing comfortable.  At twenty-five with no wind you can just sit on a bucket and have a fine afternoon.  But it’s tough to get moving in the morning when you know your afternoon beer might explode slush into your pocket during the heat of the day.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough hand warmers.

So I’ll gladly take this forty degree stuff as a payback for winter evil.  Sure the ski trails and hills get sloppy and no groomer can make good goings for snowmobilers when it’s this warm and the lakes are a mess, but we’ll get back to all of that soon—likely by the time you hear this report. For now, some trout anglers were able to get back to the stream for a day or two and my friends were able to lean into their rifles one more day at the range.  If nothing else, it sure makes a walk with the dogs a more leisurely affair.

Winter strikes back quickly.  We’ll be squatting on the ice somewhere and the fishing will be good.  We’ll be sliding over a fresh blanket of snow into the deep and winter silent woods.  And we’ll be back on track.

And we’ll be back at the vise.  Don’t forget that Fly Tying at The Old Au Sable starts Saturday January 13th at Noon.  The class is open and free to anyone that would like to attend and should appeal to anyone that is interested in fly tying or trout fishing.

Hope to see you soon,