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River Report - May 7, 2015

Though it took a little longer than we expected, the fishing is finally getting going.  We’ve had the Hendrickson hatch now for about ten days and each day the fish have taken a bit more notice.  It was a slow start to the season but the trout fishing is light years better than last May.  And it’s promising to get even better now that the black caddis and Hendrickson mating flights have started.

It has been a strange Spring, however, so the things you thought you knew about hatches, like the timing, may be jumbled.  It’s important to remember that insect hatches are at their best and most predictable when the weather is seasonable.  So for a cold weather bug like the Hendrickson, which usually hatches in the afternoon, during the heat of the day, unseasonably high tempertures will push the hatches and to the cooler morning and evening hours.  Fishermen that have been out on these relatively hot May days at one in the afternoon expecting peak activity have been disappointed.

The average high for this time of year is about 63 degrees, so use that to govern your fishing times.  If the forecast is at that temperature or colder, you can likely expect your best fishing to be with Hedricksons, Blue-winged olives, Black Caddis and stoneflies in the afternoon hours and you should be looking for Hendrickson spinner falls at dusk.  If it’s a lot warmer than that the hatches and will likely be less concentrated throughout the day and the mating flights will be broken into two more sparse events in the morning and again at dusk.

We’ve got some beautiful fishing weather coming this week.  I know everyone loves these bright and sunny Summer-like days, but give me cool and cloudy.  In the forecast, temperatures are becoming more seasonable, which will help the predictability of the fishing.  And we have some clouds and rain predicted, which both mayflies and brown trout love.  As the Temptations say, “I know to you it might sound strange, but I think it will rain.”

It’s going to be fun week.  My recommendation is call the shop and hire a guide—you want to be in a boat this week.

The Fly Shop is open and ready to go.  The crew is still pounding nails but the fly bins are full.

Hope to see you all soon,