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River Report - June 27, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
Hex are still rolling on the river of Crawford County.  The peak activity has crested on the Au Sable River, but there still are still plenty of bugs left in the thick muck banks of the lower river and there is lots of activity in the evening and into the darkness.  The iso’s are keeping anglers busy with some good trout as the light falls below the tree line.  And the Hex are keeping big trout looking toward the surface as the moon rises.  The density of bugs has thinned and gorged brown trout are being finicky, but anglers can hunt for trophy browns until the birds chirp in the early morning hours.

It’s been a great season so far.

The Manistee Hex hatch just keeps getting stronger and will peak before the Fourth of July.  Some real bruisers are prowling the currents this year, and I suspect we’ll see a picture of a real river monster soon.  The trout are thick and strong and rising whenever there are any insects on the water.

The big push of hardcore Hex anglers is past.  Many of those fishermen have burned their vacation time so the rivers will be much less crowded.  We’re moving into the second season on the Au Sable.

July marks the beginning of the terrestrial season.  Grasshoppers, ants, and beetles will be the order of the day.  The fish are looking strongly to the surface now and attractor patterns like Patriots, and Coachmans will most certainly garner attention.  Anytime of the day is the right time to go, but early mornings will offer the best opportunity especially for fishermen seeking solitude.

It’s time to just simply go fishing.  And it’s time to get new anglers introduced to this wonderful lifetime sport.  The Old Au Sable is offering beginner classes July 14th and again on July 15th.  The class covers everything a new fisherman needs to know.  Students will spend time learning on both dry ground and in the river.  Our class is for all ages and families, lasts for four hours and includes a free rod and reel package.  It’s a great deal and a wonderful way to get started down the path.  There is no time to start like the present.  Give us a Google and call the shop for details.

We’ll see you all soon,