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River Report - May 31, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

It feels like we’ve turned a corner. The last month has been has been 20190528_182429tough for trout anglers.  Especially, for the dry fly angler.  We are behind by a week or so at best.  But the weather is shifting into Summer, and I expect that the June hatches will catch up quickly.

We’ve just started seeing the best of our Sulphur emergence, but drakes will likely overtake and swallow up the yellow bugs shortly. I truly hope the Brown Drakes hold off for a while so that we can enjoy some semblance of a hatch progression.  Each hatch will come in its own time but, for now, I’d like to soak in a few days of Suplhurs.

I had a fine night of abuse and, ultimately failure, on the Southsdad Branch the other day.

Dave and I loaded our gear and drove to many landings with one simple mission - to not sit around and be bored. The water was too high everywhere and day was too cold to allow for any sort of real angling opportunities.  So wet, festering waders and a cooler of beer in tow, we headed to pull-in after pull-in.

One spot made us stop and sigh and capitulate to a particularly green laden landing on the Au Sable River’s South Branch. There’s just something about the Mason Tract that calls trout anglers to try dasasno matter the Hoyle rules of angling.  Many have been down that foot worn trail and many will come after, but only we were there that day.  And maybe just that loneliness made us string rods.

A yellow bug breezed by and then a brook trout rose. And then another fly and another trout.

We fished together for a bit and landed a trout or two and then Dave put some distance between us. A big fish ate by me and then a second good one broke water.  I yelled downstream to my gone friend.  Four nice trout showed themselves.  I fished hard and well, but the trout won.  Dave found a good one that ate and another he sadadsdasdascouldn’t fool.  I didn’t catch any of mine.

There’s a fish story in there somewhere.

The water is dropping and the Drakes are soon. Until then, Sulpurs are happening, March Browns are solid, and caddis are flying.

June is here.

See you soon!