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River Report - May 14, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
I can’t, just can’t, contain my excitement!

The weather has finally broken into a real Spring.  Long awaited sunshine has raised water temperatures that have raised trout to the surface for hatching bugs.  Cold water had stalled the early season insects like Hendricksons and black caddis, but everything that the early season promised is on the table now and the next wave of May bugs are burgeoning.  It’s imperative to bring to the river smorgasbord Hendricksons, light Hendricksons, little Mahoganies, Blue-winged olives, popcorn caddis and just about everything else that might show up in May.  It’s a fantastic time of year.

Water conditions are primed for fine dry fly angling.  The rivers are low and clear and the trout are looking to the surface.  May dry fly fishing is rarely perfect, and I’m sure we’ll have a moving scale of good and bad days, but this is truly shaping up.  Disappointment will only be on the shoulders of those that seek it.  It’ll be fun out there.

There is simply not much else for me to say.  This is the report.  As always . . . go if you want to have a chance.

The shop is pretty well stocked even in the light of supply chain issues.  We have a lot of waders and a bunch of rods, bugs, etc . . . If you’re considering a big purchase, do it soon.  I am not sure that supplies will last.  No kidding!

Simms waders and boots as well as rods from Sage, Scott, Echo, and Redington are here now and many aren’t scheduled to be available again for weeks that measure better as months.  I wanted a new Scot Centric for myself and it’s not available again for ten weeks.  Anyone following the news knows this is a chronic condition of all goods in the outdoor market.

We’ve got it all right now, but maybe not tomorrow.

Same for the fishing.

I’ll see you on the River,