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River Report - June 6, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

June is finally here and, even though we’re running behind with a cold Spring, this week is destined to be the first of the Brown Drake Lucas and Mehatch on the Au Sable. “Drake” simply means big mayfly in the fly fishing world and these bugs live up to their moniker.  These waterborn bugs are a meaty size ten and trout can’t leave them alone as the sun sinks into the tree line.  The best browns in the river rise at dusk for the next few weeks.

This is the reason many of us have given up monetary success to live here and even more will shirk daily responsibilities to make the great Drake chase.   This is trophy fishing to hatch match rising tent campingbrown trout thugs.  It’s slashing eats and toilet flushing rises.  It’s a special event in the most special of environs.  It’s here and my knees are vibrating for the possibilities.

And I hate to beat this drum that I pound every year, but it’s about to get busy on the river and Drakes can bring out the best in the fishing and the worst in the fisherman. So, even though I get plenty of push back from saying so, stream etiquette is more important this month than ever.

Ahhh, so here we go. Boats on the river—all boats, especially guides who are ideals of what should happen, should always pull in their flies and lines well before entering a wading angler’s water.  Boats cover miles of river and the chest deep angler only has that small chunk of water.  This stuff is simply a “do unto others” chant.

Generally, downstream fisherman should always yield to upstream

fishermen. That will be true from July on but here, now, in June things are a little different.  As I mentioned, this is trophy fishing.  Frankly, this is hunting.  June fishers on our Rivers, post up like a deer hunter on the edge of a swamp.  We get to our spots early and sit long in the hopes that a fine trout will rise.  Respect that.  Be an example.  And talk to each other.  Ask what folks want and maybe they’ll ask you next time.

It’s all pretty easy and rewarding when it comes together.

We’ll see you all soon,