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Grand Opening & River Report - July 29, 2015

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
The first hot spell of Summer has come and gone. We all know that trout like their environs cold and wet and in late July and August those conditions can be tough to come by. The stuff that makes beachgoers start blowing up water toys makes the trout fisherman seek air conditioning and afternoon naps.

But this weather can, if hot spells are short like this last event, make trout and trout fishing predictable and even good. At seventy degree water temperatures, trout are stressed and fishing for them in those conditions is unwise. Not only will the mortality of a caught fish sky rocket, the fish will be lethargic and less likely to feed, so simply avoid waters in the lower stretches of any system for the best angling.

Trout will move to cold water and so will be most active in the upper river reaches. They may even move to cold water tributaries. Firstly, trout fishermen should focus on the very early morning hours. Even in the hot spells we’ve just experienced, the guides were going at first light and finding good catch rates on attractor patterns and on wet flies even before the trico and small olives hatches even got started. It’s true, in the height of Summer, that the early bird catches the trout. Be on the river before the cock crows and go where the river is small.

But there’s even better stuff to do. There’s adventure to be had.

There are three kinds of roads around rivers: the road before the river, the road after the river, and the one that crosses it. This is your time to find a secret—your own secret. Find the place on your map where the thin blue line crosses the gray straight line and start there. Far upper reaches and tributary streams offer the best potential. Fish up or down from the bridges or look for the roads before and after the creeks and find the spot where folks have clearly parked for years but where the grass is still long and I just bet you’ll have your secret, summertime, little piece of paradise.

Don’t forget about our Grand Opening on Saturday August 1st. Fly fishing isn’t rocket science; it’s simply another way to fish and enjoy the outdoors. We’d love to show it to you or your friends and family with free casting lessons all day and discounts designed to get you your first starter kit.   The whole day is about having a good time, helping anglers get better, and breaking down all the barriers that keep folks from dipping their toes into the fly waters. It doesn’t have to be hard, it isn’t mystic, and just doesn’t have to be expensive. It is always fun, though.

The day will start at 10 a.m. with a Casting Accuracy Contest and move through a fun-filled day. We have presentations from Anne Miller and Jerry Regan as well as casting lessons and fun games all day long. We will also have deep discounts on select SAGE rods as well as other merchandise, and we are having a store wide sale.

Lunch is at Noon with gourmet hotdogs. Now, we’re not talking about some rinky-dink weenie roast, we’re talking the good stuff.

Our local Rock and Roll station Q100.3 will be broadcasting live for the event and handing out great prizes like Tiger’s Tickets and a bunch of golf rounds.

It will be a fun day.

Hope to see you soon,