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River Report - June 17, 2020

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

We’ve got our last cold front of the season behind us—we hope.  Fishing shut down for a few days, but now we should be back on track for the goodness of June.

The Manistee has some fine brown drake nights in the bug forecast.  And the Au Sable is looking forward to quality evenings spurred on by Iso’s and Suphlurs.  In fact, every angler should have a healthy dose of those patterns in their boxes for the next couple of weeks.

Hex are on the horizon and a guarantee once the weather warms again.  We are seeing some of the big bugs on Lake Margerethe, so we should hear their flutter in the twilight very soon.   I’m hoping for seasonable temperatures that will let us chase trophy fish until the end of the month.  But there is always what we want and what will actually occur.   I’ve learned one thing over the years and that is simply that the River doesn’t care what we want.  So we’ll go into the next days hopeful and eager and filled with excitement.  We all know what these rivers can do.

There are a bunch of good trout in the Rivers this year.  I’ve heard of two twenty-eight in brown trout of a lifetime being netted.  Maybe even better, the brook trout seem to have rebounded and are offering anglers some good daytime fishing.  The North Branch seems to be back to its old self with fishermen reporting healthy catches of our state fish.  It’s a relief. Brook trout are my favorite critters that swim.   It’s great to hear the North is doing better.

Fish Patriots and Borchers and Coachmans and caddis and you’ll have a great time.

Folks should also consider going fishing in the early mornings.  I know this is supposed to be a stay late, go into the darkness, and hunt for a trophy brown trout time of year and it certainly is all of that.  But be it on the lake, or ocean, or in grandmas farm pond, morning fishing can be the most rewarding of the day.  The may not be big, but they will likely be plentiful.

You’ll have the rising light all to yourself.

See you soon,