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River Report - May 3, 2019

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The opening week of trout fishing in Michigan is in the books. It was a tough one.  We had some very warm days that pushed Hendricksons to the surface and had a few fish looking up. But a cold front bumped water temperatures back down and thwarted any solid dry fly action.

But water levels dropped all week and clarity just continued to improve since opening day. Unfortunately, a long, drawn out rain event brought streamflows back up, but we’re crossing our fingers for the second week of trout season.  We have some bugs and some fish rising in most reaches of our rivers.  We did not see the torrential downpour that smacked Southern Michigan.

The forecast warmth should certainly kick the on dry fly fishing this week. And while water levels may make wading anglers sharpen their pencils about where to go, there is always river to wade in our area.  The boat anglers should have a fine week.  We have a guide available most days if you’d like to get to the best opportunities.

I’m hoping for good dry fly angling as much as anyone. It’s been a winter too long since I’ve fooled a thickly muscled trout on the surface.  Streamer fishing will be good, but for me there’s nothing quite like tricking a hook-jawed, tattered finned, wise old brown trout at his own game.

I can no longer wait to visit the soft, sand accesses on the Au Sable. And to see how the River has changed and how it is still the same.

To sit on a mossy log and wait for a trout to rise is heaven.  Those places are like old friends to me.  I’ve known them longer than most of my good pals and longer than my wife or my child.  I knew them when my bones weren’t so sore and when my eyes still worked.

Every season is more precious than the last. The river is ever changing and so, too, is the community around it.  Some old friends aren’t going to make it this year.  Their days astream have ended.  But not mine.  Not yet.  And not yours.

There’s a whole new season on the Au Sable that begins with your next footfall into the current.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the River,