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River Report - July 13, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
Cool nights have turned on the trout in Northern Michigan Trout Streams.  We’re back to sleeping wrapped up in quilts with the cabin windows open all night long.  And the days are taking a long time to get to late afternoon eighty degree weather.  It’s been dry in the North but lower water allows the cold springs to strongly influence stream temperatures.  The water is cool in all of the upper reaches of rivers.

Mornings have been best for hatch-match anglers with good emergences of blue-winged olives and the beginnings of the trico hatch.  But evenings are a close second choice when olive spinners return to the water along with caddis and cahills to tempt trout to the surface.  We’re catching fish on flies from size sixteen to twenty lashed to 6x tippet and long leaders.

The terrestrial and attractor dry fly fishing is still the favorite tactic of many savvy anglers.  Hoppers and rubber-legged patterns rubbed against the logs and drifted under the overhangs are fooling better browns and brook trout in the absence of any hatch activity.  Smaller terrestrials like ants and deerflies are certainly a fine choice for brook trout fishermen as are patterns like patriots and small Borchers.

Small traditional streamers have been flat great.  Traditional patterns like white Marabou Muddlers, Gray Ghosts, Mickey Finns, and Black Ghosts are moving plenty of trout throughout the best bite windows.  Keep the streamers small and cast them on light rods as the ace up your sleeve.

Mice and frog patterns skittered after dark are garnering more and more attention after dark.  It’s been just getting better and the new moon phase that’s upon us should put some truly great fish in the boat this week.

It’s time to just simply go fishing.  And it’s time to get new anglers introduced to this wonderful lifetime sport.  The Old Au Sable is offering beginner classes August 18th and 19th.  The class covers everything a new fisherman needs to know.  Students will spend time learning on both dry ground and in the river.  Our class is for all ages and families, lasts for four hours and includes a free rod and reel package.  It’s a great deal and a wonderful way to get started down the path.

Hope to see you all soon,