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River Report - August 1, 2018

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
We’re stepping into August and pushing into the last weeks of Summer trout fishing here in Northern Michigan.  And it’s shaping up to give the vacationing angler a fine send off.  Timely rains and cool nights have our rivers looking great and the trout are happy.  We’ve been extremely fortunate for the last few Summers to have some really nice August angling and, according to the forecast, this August will follow suit.

There’s plenty happening to keep fly anglers busy.  On the river, tricos and olives have been supremely dependable.  Every morning the trout are getting to the surface for a couple of hours on the little bugs.  When the hatches are peaking, it can be difficult to move more than a few hundred yards.  The rise keeps fishermen planted—only shuffling their feet to only to keep on top of the river’s shifting sands.

After the morning rise, terrestrial insect patterns and attractors are fooling fish right into the afternoon. Ants and grasshoppers worked tightly to the woodpiles and bounced through the bubble-lines are producing.  And rubber-legged attractor flies have triggered some explosive strikes on both the Au Sable and Manistee Rivers.

But remember that it’s all still fishing and you may have to use every trick in your arsenal to find the combination that works on any given day.  Streamers, both big and small, will be a good choice whenever you have the low light conditions we find in the early mornings and evenings and are certainly a great choice on cloudy, rainy days.

Mousing after dark is a staple for Michigan trout anglers looking for a trophy.  Many the best trout of the year come to the net in the next few weeks on our rivers.  Big browns are notoriously nocturnal predators.  We’ll fish meaty patterns that many across the country would consider pike or bass flies.  On our streams, leviathan brown trout are the apex predators and viciously attack anything that dares wake across the currents in the darkness.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trophy hunter, this month is a fine time to book a guided fly fishing trip.  The Old Au Sable guides are seasoned professionals and can take you down whatever path you choose. Give the shop a call to book your adventure.

Don’t forget that the Old Au Sable is offering beginning fly fishing classes on August 18th and again on August 19th.  The classes cover all the bases and are designed to give you the skill level needed to confidently step into the stream on your own.  The classes start at 10 a.m. and last for four hours.  In the end, you (or your loved ones) will leave with a lasting knowledge of trout and trout fly fishing and with a new rod and reel to help you continue down the path.

It’s simply time to get to the River.

Take care and I hope we see you all soon,