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River Report - April 20, 2021 Opening Day

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
Even with a blast of Spring cold (which we should always expect), Hendricksons have continued to roll and nice fish have taken notice to the great appreciation of eager anglers.

I’ve seen pictures of great, long, brown trout that fell to dead drifted dry flies and I’ve seen a picture of a fine darkly speckled South branch brook trout from my good friend Scott.  When the brook trout look to the surface, Spring has sprung.

And to my boy, Jack . . . congratulations on knocking down a fat ten-inch bearded gobbler.  He sat with Grandpa on the tent blind for sixteen hours-ish playing games and eating snacks before he connected.  Those two had a fine weekend together and, really, that’s all that would’ve mattered, but finishing with success in the zero hour is a fine exclamation point.  We kept him out of school Monday because those guys needed a couple of full days together, and Jack just didn’t want to miss piano lessons Saturday.  It’s good to have priorities even those that some would consider misguided.  Gotta dance to your own music.

All branches of all of our local streams are fishing well now.  And while water temperatures and conditions will fluctuate and fishing will ebb and flow with them, fishing is on now.

With Hendrickons on the menu, fly anglers would be remiss to not fish through emergence, which means fishing through the water table.  Nymphs will be available to trout heavily in the hours before and just after lunch.  Emergers are always important when fishermen see the first bug flying and throughout the rise.  Then duns that are drying wings take precedent and spinners could show both at mid-morning and again at dusk.  Take all patterns with you.  The nice thing about flies is that they are not too heavy to carry.

Don’t forget to take black caddis and olives with you.  When you’re fishing a glory hatch, you have to carry the bugs that co-mingle with it.  Always be looking back and always be ready to move forward.  Don’t be the guy that gets surprised by inevitability.   Foolishness is for the unprepared.

Opening Day is here.  Everything is unlocked.  Make some memories.

See you soon!