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The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report
The opening week of trout season has arrived.  And with an extremely warm, dry week acting as a prelude, the stage is set for the best opening week we’ve seen in years.  Water conditions have consistently improved; the water clarity and temperatures are prime and the Hendrickson hatch is slowly strengthening.  The high water we’re pushing our waders against is continually dropping out and, if we can keep avoiding big rain events, we’ll have perfect dry fly conditions as we break into May.

We’ll just have to see, however.  Foul weather is in the forecast, but around here you just never know what the weather will do until it actually happens.  I always say that I’ll know if it’s raining when it hits me in the head.  Last week the weatherman had us all believing strong thunderstorms were going to squash our afternoon angling, but as the days passed, we ended up with summer-like warm days and dry, dusty two tracks.  In fact, the days were too bright and too hot for great afternoon fishing and the boys hanging around the fly shop are now all looking forward to cooler overcast days and the first of the best of the Hendrickson hatches.  No one is complaining exactly because doing so in the warm sun well . . . it just sorta makes you a jerk.  One thing is for certain, the best fishing is still in front of us.

The Blue-winged Olives continue to trickle and the Hendrickson hatch is slowly strengthening.  The black caddis hatch has offered up its first, pioneering members and should pick up in the coming days.  The fish are showing growing interest in the bugs on the surface, but they are not yet completely committed to the rise.  That could change any day.  A heavy hatch will be the game changer.  The double punch combination of Hendricksons and Black Caddis will achieve the desired effect.  Early season fishing seems to be best when both are present.

I sat on a moss covered log and cooled my heels in the Au Sable each night last week during the failing evening light with hopes of rising trout.  Each night was just that much better than the night before.

The whole system is about explode with bugs.  The best day is truly any day.  I’d pick the first and ugliest day in the forecast as my guess.

Have a great opening week and enjoy all of the events.  Lovells Historical Society in conjunction with Trout Unlimited is unveiling a memorial to the great Art Neumann on Opening weekend from 11-4.  We’re having our 10 annual trout season eve party—free to all comers and food service starting at 1 pm on April Friday April 28th.  And Angler’s of the Au Sable is having their 30th Anniversary Banquet on Opening Day from 4:30 to 10 pm at the Otsego Club in Gaylord—a fabulous event that only happens once every 5 years.  Tickets will be on Sale at the Old Au Sable on Friday April 28th.

And fish should be showing up for afternoon rises each day around 2 pm for the next week!

Get out there as soon and as often as possible.  And call the shop for the latest and most accurate bug reports.

We have plenty of guide trip available in early May and fishing is looking fantastic.  Give us a shout and book one of our fine guides—you won’t regret it.

It’s going to be a great season.

We’ll see you all soon,