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Fly Fishing Links - May 6, 2015

It's been an absolutely beautiful few days here in the north country so understandably you're probably a bit behind on your reading. Well, have no fear, we're here with some of the latest and greatest fly fishing talk around the web. Take a few minutes off today and peruse some of these articles to get your appetite stoked for what's sure to be another stretch of great fishing the next few days!

Gink and Gasoline hits us with a nice two-fer this week, with some great tips on being one of the premier steelhead fishers in your area, and an enlightening post with 8 tips for photographing a fish without injuring it.

MidCurrent, as usual, has some really interesting stuff up on their site but of particular note is this review of the Sage SALT Fly Rod, which is coincidentally available now in the Old Au Sable store.

Our friend at North to the Future has a quality recap of a weekend in fishing in Northern Michigan that we recommend as well.

A bit off the beaten path, if you will, is this little set of tips for learning to tie better knots that we came across on the Reddit flyfishing forum.

Surely there's more out there, but you've only got so long of a lunch break. If you think we missed out, feel free to leave a link to something good in the comments!