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Fishing Report - April 28, 2016

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report.
There’s been some turbulence in the dry fly fishing so far this year. Last week we saw the first fish of the year rising to blue-winged olives and Hendricksons and as each day turned into a warm afternoon, the hatches got a little better and the trout paid a little more attention until, finally, we had a strong day of Hendrickson emergence and an equally good day of fish catching.

And then came the turbulence. It was like seeing that newly painted plane roll up to the gate while you’re waiting for a trip you’ve been counting on for months and then getting into your seat only to see an ashtray built into the arm rest and realizing the plane you’re on may just have been built in 1970 and then immediately realizing that maybe this trip wouldn’t be quite as perfect as you’d hoped for.  The turbulence came in the form of cold weather that pulled on the hatches reigns and in the form of rain that pumped up river flows and made the South Branch unwadable.  It was deflating.

Hardly a fish rose for three days and left all of scratching our heads, pontificating about the dry fly, and tying on streamers once again. Then just like it does here in Northern Michigan, it all changed; like it does when after long hours in the woods a dog finally goes on point or like it does when the first deer you’ve seen in four days is a bone-headed buck that walks straight for the stand.  Hendricksons made their best appearance of the season Wednesday and anglers that were there stretched their lines.  What an unexpected and exciting time on the Au Sable.

This is the opening week of trout season; we’ve been waiting for it all year. Open now are nearly twelve thousand miles of trout stream and the bugs are hatching.  If I could jump, I’d kick up my heels.  The water is high in some reaches but everything is setting up pretty well.  Swing by the shop and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Professional fly designer Dennis Potter will be at the fly shop all weekend long demonstrating ultra-durable, proven fish-catching patterns and all are invited to attend. We’ll start serving lunch at our Trout Season Eve Party on Friday at noon and will go until the fare is gone.  It’s become the place to be on the Friday before Opening Day and I hope you can all attend.

And don’t forget that the Old Au Sable is offering one day beginner’s fly fishing classes with industry pro Ben Hunting on May 14th and again on May 15th.  Cost is for the class is $199 and includes a free fly rod package and instruction valued together at $365.  Great deal.  This is the chance or you to get those new fly fishers in your life the lesson and the gear that will serve them well for many years to come.

The best May in years is on the doorstep and I hope to see you all. The shop is stuffed to the gills and looking better than ever.

Thank you for the years past and the ones to come,