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DNR Statewide Fishing Reports

Hello again, friends. The DNR Fishing Report just came across the email wires and I'm going to post it here for the benefit of those who don't sub to the DNR mailing list (or, you know, don't feel like opening the email). Enjoy!


Lake Erie: Perch and walleye were being targeted near the Dumping Grounds off LaPlaisance Bay but few fish were seen.  Anglers are looking for perch in Brest Bay.

River Raisin: From Dundee downstream, anglers are reporting perch, walleye, pike, catfish, bass and crappie.

Huron River: Was producing limit catches of trout near Proud Lake Recreation area.  Walleye and white bass were caught near Ypsilanti.
Detroit River: Water temperatures were at 46 degrees.  Despite challenges from the weather, walleye are still being caught.  Catch rates were highly variable though several limit catches were reported over the course of the last week.  Most are targeting walleye with good catches reported near Great Lakes Steel, the salt mines on the Canadian side, Stoney Island, Trenton Channel, Cobo Hall, the Ambassador Bridge, Fighting Island in Canadian waters and up near Lake St. Clair.  Some caught smallmouth bass, musky, pike and suckers.  A good number of white bass were caught near the Trenton power plant.

Belle Isle: Anglers on the island were catching crappie on minnows.

Lake St. Clair: Despite cold water temperatures, catch and release smallmouth bass fishing has been good, especially on sunny days when the shallow waters warm up quickly.  Redhorse suckers are biting at the mouth of the Clinton River and a few rock bass have been caught.

St. Clair River: A few trout and salmon were caught between Marine City and Port Huron.  Walleye fishing is starting to heat up between Algonac and Marine City.

Lexington: Anglers trolling between Lexington and Harbor Beach caught Atlantic, Chinook, coho, lake trout and steelhead but no brown trout.  They are using downriggers and planer boards with spoons and body baits in 15 to 30 feet.

Saginaw Bay: Anglers trolling and jigging in 10 feet around Spoils Island and about 4 miles out from Linwood caught good numbers of walleye.  Boat anglers did fair for walleye between Quanicassee and Fish Point.  No reports on perch.  Some were targeting bass for the catch-and-immediate-release season but catch rates were slow with only a few smallmouth taken at Caseville.

Tittabawassee River: The walleye opener was very good however with warmer weather, the fish will be moving out to Saginaw Bay.  Limit catches were taken near the Center Street launch as well as upstream and downstream when vertical jigging or trolling with jigs and body baits, but no live bait.  The area upstream from Gordonville Road and up near the Dow Dam were slower but if anglers worked at it, limit catches were a possibility.  Most were using gold, orange or fire-tiger twisters, body baits, rapalas, crawlers or minnow parts.  Freeland was somewhat slower.  The best action was around the bridge on Tittabawassee Road.

Saginaw River: Anglers caught walleye when trolling and jigging from the mouth to the Coast Guard Station and near the Independence Bridge.  No perch to report.

St. Joseph: Fishing slowed but those trolling small spoons caught fish in 40 feet.  There is still some trout and salmon being caught off the piers.  Spawn worked best but a few were also caught by those casting spoons.  

St. Joseph River: Is producing steelhead and suckers.  The walleye opener was very slow.  Crappie were caught below the dams.  

South Haven: Had good trout and salmon action.  Boat anglers caught lake trout on spin glows in 60 feet and coho on small spoons in shallow waters up to 40 feet deep.  Pier anglers caught trout and salmon with spoons or crawlers on the bottom.  

Kalamazoo River: Was producing some nice catches of steelhead and brown trout.  A good number of walleye were caught by those jigging or drifting with crawlers.  

Grand Haven: Pier fishing has slowed.  Anglers are using spawn and orange spoons for brown trout.  Boat anglers are still trolling along the shoreline for steelhead and brown trout when using short coppers and lead core with jointed body baits and small spoons in bright colors.  A limited number of perch anglers were fishing the hole just south of the south pier but catch rates were spotty.   

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Anglers reported some nice catches of walleye with the opener.  The better steelhead fishing is below the 6th Street Dam when drifting spawn.  

Jackson County: Panfish are being caught on local lakes.  Many are enjoying the catch-and-immediate-release bass fishing.  

Muskegon: Boat anglers continue to troll for steelhead and brown trout along the shoreline.  Steelhead fishing off the piers has slowed but a few brown trout were caught on spawn and orange spoons.  No word on walleye yet.  

Whitehall: Boat anglers were targeting walleye in the channels but catch rates were slow.  Pier anglers caught a couple steelhead or brown trout when floating spawn.  

White Lake: Was producing northern pike in 10 feet.  Black and gold lures were the ticket.  Perch anglers fishing near the mouth of the channel were moderately successful though the fish were small.

Ocqueoc River: More steelhead entered the river but it is still slow.  Some are drifting spawn bags or tiny jigs under a bobber while others are casting very small spinners of cleos.  Water levels are low so try the deeper holes.

Pigeon River: Anglers caught a few brown trout and steelhead.   

Rogers City: Had very little activity as it has been too cold.  If it ever warms up there should be Atlantic salmon and lake trout available.  Try shallow waters up to 40 feet deep but fish up high in the water column and head south towards Calcite Harbor and Swan Bay.  Look for stained water from the rivers as it will be a few degrees warmer.  Spoons and body baits usually work best and good colors are blue and silver, green and silver, orange, fire-tiger or silver.   

Alpena: Most anglers are trolling near the marina or out by the cement plant for a mix of lake trout, walleye and the occasional Atlantic salmon.  Try spoons and body baits and use bright colors in the stained water.  

Thunder Bay River: More steelhead came into the river but the numbers seem to be way down.  Try drifting spawn bags under a bobber.  Those fishing the bottom with white, orange or chartreuse flies have caught fish.  The river has been overrun with suckers.  Steelhead anglers reported are incidentally catching 15 to 20 suckers a trip so walleye and trout fishing will be easier once the suckers are gone.  A few walleye are in the river.  Shore anglers are fishing crawlers on the bottom or casting body baits.  Boat anglers are jigging from the foot bridge down to the mouth.

Harrisville: Steelhead started making their way into the harbor in good numbers.  A few walleye and lake trout were also caught on body baits and spoons.  Early morning was best for trout but walleye anglers did best late evening and into the night.  Dredging has not started but should be underway within the next week.   

Oscoda: Pier fishing has started to pick up for steelhead, lake trout and walleye.  Early morning and late evening were best but midday catches have also been recorded.  Body baits, spoons, minnows and crawlers are all working well.   

Au Sable River: Steelhead made their way up river and the females are on the beds.  Most of the fish are silver and fresh, and the males should follow.  Try drifting body baits, fly’s and spawn.  Brown trout and some brook trout were also caught.

Houghton Lake:  The walleye opener was slow but should pick up as the temperatures warm up.  Other than a few crappie caught in the canals, fishing was slow.  

Tawas:  Was producing some limit catches of walleye for those trolling around Buoy #2.  Walleye and lake trout were caught by those jigging off the artificial reef.  Pier anglers caught Atlantic salmon or pike during the day and walleye at night.  Smallmouth bass were caught and released.  

Au Gres: Had good walleye fishing with limit catches reported by those using husky jerks and body baits in 18 to 20 feet.  

Au Gres River: Anglers caught a few salmon, brown trout and steelhead although not the target.  There were rumors of steelhead and walleye caught in the surf near the Singing Bridge.

Petoskey: Ice has blown back into Little Traverse Bay and it was pretty well covered.  The dock at the public boat launch in Petoskey has been pulled back out because of ice blowing back into the area of the marina.  

Bear River: Catch rates were very slow.  Anglers continue to fish from the dam downstream, off the D Pier, and to the beach area.  Depending on where the ice is blowing, anglers were are fishing off the clock dock and inside the breakwall with spawn bags, wax worms, wigglers and egg pattern flies.  They caught mainly steelhead, brown trout and suckers.  A good number of steelhead were ripe.  Recently stocked trout are hanging around however they are too small to keep.    

Lake Charlevoix: Is ice free and the docks are in at the Ferry Beach launch.  

Elk River: Fishing has been hit-or-miss with very few steelhead in the river.  Some caught the occasional brown trout or Atlantic salmon.  Most are using spawn bags or a jig and wax worm.  

Traverse City: Lake trout and Cisco have been caught in the East Bay when jigging in 60 to 120 feet.  In the West Bay, lake trout were caught at a variety of depths between 15 and 120 feet deep.  An area in front of the mouth of the Boardman is producing the occasional steelhead, brown trout and lake trout.  Most are using spawn bags.   

Boardman River: Few brown trout were caught between the Forks and the Brown Bridge.  Steelhead are still being caught at the Union Street Dam.  Suckers have moved into the river and up to the dam.  Lake trout have been caught near the mouth.  A Hendrix hatch was in progress near the Brown Bridge.  

Frankfort: Cooler temperatures slowed catch rates but anglers were still landing a few brown trout when trolling body baits in the harbor.  Pier anglers caught steelhead on fresh spawn.  

Onekama:  Those casting spoons off the north breakwall have caught brown trout.  

Portage Lake: Water temperatures are still a bit cool for bass activity but those working hard did manage to catch and release some smallmouth.  Perch anglers have had very little activity when using wiggles or minnows.  

Manistee: Boats are doing well for lake trout and brown trout when trolling along the shoreline.  Orange spoons and natural color body baits work best.  Pier anglers are catching a few perch on minnows or wigglers.  A few brown trout were caught by those casting spoons or still-fishing with spawn.  

Manistee River: Fishing improved on the upper sections where anglers caught steelhead, brown trout and the occasional walleye.  

Ludington: Is also producing lake trout and brown trout for those trolling the shoreline with orange spoons or body baits.  Pier fishing was slow for steelhead and brown trout.  

Pentwater: Pier anglers caught a few brown trout or a fresh steelhead on spawn.  Those that did have fish have put in several hours of fishing.  Walleye anglers are fishing the channels and from the piers but only a few fish were caught.  

Pentwater Lake: Boat anglers hit the water for walleye and pike but most were unsuccessful.  Anglers on Long Bridge and the channel caught and released smallmouth bass.  They hit on crawlers and various types of spinner baits.

Brook trout were caught on many inland trout lakes.  Smelt were reported in both Lake Superior and Lake Huron rivers however the action is very sporadic.  Those lucky enough to find some were in the right place at the right time.  

Copper Harbor: Fishing is still slow.  Suckers have come into the harbor and they should start running into Fanny Hooe Creek soon.  There is word of smelt starting to run in some rivers.   

Keweenaw Bay: Cold temperatures slowed the bite for those trolling for salmon. When the weather was overcast and blowing, a few anglers did very well when fishing off the rock-dock which is the lake ward edge of the north side of the L’Anse marina channel.  They caught splake and coho on spawn bags.  A couple smelt were taken in Linden Creek and the Falls River but overall catches were poor.  Anglers caught a couple steelhead in the Falls River.  Those trolling out from the South Portage Entry did catch some lake trout ranging between 2 and 5 pounds.  The fish were hitting on a variety of spoons in 120 to 150 feet.  Traverse Bay had no anglers.  

Menominee: Anglers reported on some large walleye being caught south of the river when using planer boards.

Menominee River: Panfish anglers caught perch and crappie from the Government Pier.  Slip bobbers and minnows are the bait of choice.  The spawning run is pretty much done so anglers are fishing Lake Michigan for post spawn fish.   

Little Bay De Noc: All the boat launches are up and running.  Perch fishing has picked up.  Most were fishing the northern end but the Center Reef was the best when using minnows and crawlers in and around 30 feet.  Several nice catches of jumbo perch were reported in the same area.  Steelhead anglers reported good fishing in the Day’s River from the Masonville Bridge to the Golf Course and on the Ford River.  Smallmouth bass were caught and released around the mouth of the Ford River.

Big Bay De Noc: Perch fishing in Garden Bay is on.  Anglers reported good to excellent catches over by Hermes Fishery when using minnows in six to eight feet.  This is a bit unusual because the area is very small but packed with fish.  The average size was eight to nine inches although some nice jumbo fish were also reported right along with some limit catches.  

Marquette: Water temperatures are still very cold at 36 degrees.  Most boat anglers fished out of the Lower Harbor to the Carp River but catch rates were between zero and two Chinook or coho.  Shore anglers at the mouth of the Carp River had little luck with only the occasional steelhead or coho caught in the early morning by those using spinners, spawn or crawlers.  No fish were caught off the Lower Harbor breakwall.   Water levels on the rivers were still a bit high but dropping.

Munising: Cooler weather with wind and shifting ice still has limited some effort and catch rates remained low.  Depending on wind direction, ice is still being pushed around in areas.  A few coho were caught by those jigging or still-fishing from small boats near the Anna River.  Try spawn or worms.  Those trolling have caught a few coho.  No word on splake, whitefish or steelhead.  Smelt have shown up in some of the rivers but catch rates were poor.  The snow on Bay Furnace Road is gone.   

Grand Marais: The ice is shifting daily.  It can make fishing impossible in the morning but blow out so anglers can fish in the afternoon.  It has been very unpredictable so boat anglers heading out need to be especially careful.  Ice mounds covering the pier are not safe to cross.  Anglers are fishing open water off the wall near the parking lots.  No whitefish to report yet.  Large mounds of ice about eight feet high remain near the mouth of the Sucker River.  Anglers are fishing the river and Carpenter Creek.  

Two Hearted River: The road to the mouth has been plowed.  The water was high and dirty however a couple steelhead were caught.  
Detour: From Detour Village, the ice is gone from the smaller DNR launch off M-143 across from the DNR Field Office.  Anglers can now launch boats however the dock was not in as of this report.  Anglers are gearing up Atlantic salmon fishing which was the best ever in 2014.  

Drummond Island: The ice is currently gone from Maxton Bay at the mouth of the Potagannissing River.  The boat launch is open at the DNR Access Site off Maxton Road however the dock was not in yet.  The ice has finally moved away from the steel breakwall at the off Tourist Road.  Anglers will soon be yellow perch fishing off the Monahan Dock which is just southwest of the Sportsman’s Club Point.  

Cedarville and Hessel: A few boats were heading out of Cedarville and looking for perch.  Anglers are also fishing from the Hessel pier.  Splake season opens May 1.

Carp River:  We have reports of smelt but for how long no one knows.