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Around The Bend - Fly Fishing Links - April 21, 2015

With spring blossoming around the country there's plenty of ink and pixels devoted to fly fishing right now. We've gathered up some of the best and most interesting links right here for ya to enjoy while you count down the days til the opener party and another great weekend of fishing in your favorite water.

Trout Fishing: A Taut Line to the Past

The New York Times is all about fly fishing lately, and they check in here with an article that has some fairly basic information but some really great artwork. We're guessing most of our readers know what a dry fly is, for instance, but you can still enjoy the illustrations.

Michigan Trout "Season"

North to the Future - who provided the great brackets for our Fly Madness tournament - writes about goals and expectations for the upcoming months on the river in this reflective piece.

Catch Magazine

Catch Magazine has a new issue out featuring some absolutely stunning photography from around the country. Some great day-dreaming available here.

Gink and Gasoline

Gink and Gasoline, as usual, has some great fish photography and the stories to go along with them.

Yukon Goes Fishing

This came out last week, but the newest videos from Yukon Goes Fishing are great and a good way to spend some time in the office today - I mean, later tonight, of course.