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Up North Travel Guide - May 1-3, 2015

Heading to our neck of the woods this weekend? Well, as usual, there's plenty to do in those spare hours when you aren't on the river. If those exist, that is.

Good news: It's going to be gorgeous.

That's for Grayling - expect pretty much the same all around Northern Michigan this weekend.

The Northern Michigan Outdoor Expo is being held in lovely Gaylord - admission is $8 for the weekend,  $5 for a day pass, and $3 for children under 10. More information is available at

The 2nd Annual Spring Beer Hunt takes place in Traverse City this weekend. Come check out some of the amazing craft breweries we have in the area and join in on the fun! Learn more at

If you're venturing over to the Lake Michigan coast, check out the Glen Lake Restaurant week - details available at

I've been out hiking every day this week because the weather is gorgeous and the trails are still pretty empty - I highly recommend the Cathead Bay Trail in Leelanau State Park for something a little off the beaten path and not as crowded as the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore areas will be. A small preview of what you can see:

FUTURE IDEAS has an article with 10 great ideas if you're planning a Northern Michigan vacation this month. May is one of the months I recommend most for visiting up here. You'll probably get decent weather and it's not near as crowded as it becomes in June/July.

It didn't make all the classy travel sites, but you can catch Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling in Kalkaska on Saturday night - trust me, it's a great time!

Those are the highlights for this weekend. As usual, I can't even scratch the surface of all the great stuff to do in Northern Michigan on a spring/summer weekend, but hopefully this helps with some last minute planning.