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Custom Jerry Regan Fly Box #2
    Custom Jerry Regan Fly Box #2
    Purchase Custom Jerry Regan Fly Box #2
    • SKU: Regan2
      Custom Jerry Regan Fly Box #2

    • $64.99


    Fly Selection #2

    All Flies Tied by Jerry Regan.

    The perfect gift for any Fly Fisherman.

    We are offering a collection of 14 flies (1 Wet Fly, 2 Streamers and 11 Dry Flies) personally crafted by Jerry Regan—a Michigan Fly tying Legend.

    Some of the patterns included in this exclusive are flies originated by Jerry while others are Au Sable Favorites. Still others, like the venerable Mickey Finn are simply flies Regan believes are staples and has tied for years.

    Flies are vetted and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Included in the Dry Fly Assortment are:

    The Cabin Coachman

    Madsen’s Barber Pole

    Jerry McClain’s Drake (Yarny) variation tied by Jerry Regan

    Regan’s Deer Fly

    Regan’s Batfly

    Madsen’s Stonefly (Regan’s Variation)

    Regan’s Parachute Hatcher Hex

    Regan’s Brown Drake Parachute Spinner

    Regan’s Hendrickson Emerger

    Regan’s Hendrickson Parachute

    Regan’s Hendrickson Parachute Spinner


    Included in the Streamer/Wet Fly assortment you will find:

    Regan’s Black Nosed Dace

    Regan’s Barbershop

    The Mickey Finn


    The Regan Collection includes 11 Dry Flies, 2 Streamers, 1 Wet Fly all tied by Jerry Regan and a two-sided fly box with pre-silt micro-foam fly holders.

    Cost is $64.99