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Currently in Grayling, MI:


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River Flows:

Mio Dam
1180 ft³/s
Smith Bridge
294 ft³/s
Parmalee Bridge
1060 ft³/s

Stumps - Fly Fishing Structure



Stumps attract a variety of wildlife. They provide habitat for frogs and baitfish, which will naturally attract larger gamefish.

Frogs and small fish retreat to structure like stumps during the day to avoid predators. However, like a good predator, the gamefish do eventually figure this out and follow. Often fish like a bass will wait along one stump for their opportunity to snag a meal.

The key to fishing a stumpy area is patience and thoroughness. Work around each stump and know that there are likely fish there – you just need to entice them.

High-energy retrieval of the fly can help goad these fish out for their ambush.


Home to:

  • Many gamefish
  • Baitfish
  • Frogs


Good patterns:

  • Deceivers
  • Mouserats
  • Deer-hair bugs
  • Pencil poppers
  • Bunny leeches



Lots of food for gamefish


Requires patience - more than usual



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