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Currently in Grayling, MI:


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River Flows:

Mio Dam
1200 ft³/s
Smith Bridge
304 ft³/s
Parmalee Bridge
1070 ft³/s

Flooded Timber

Flooded Timber



Flooded timber is similar to fallen trees – but in this case, we’re dealing with standing trees that are surrounded by water. These areas vary in the number of trees, but they are known for the opportunity to catch fish, especially largemouth bass.

Learning to fish a flooded timber area can be similar to learning to fish a lily pad- you’ll have open areas, potential snags, and different “neighborhoods” to contend with depending on the size and breadth of the flooded forest.

Linear Edges

If the trees are forming a linear edge, look for slight variations. Flies cast into a small indent, a curve, a point, or other anomaly of the line will attract more attention than those on the line.


Patches that stand on their own focus fish into one area, and yield good results. It’s almost like the opposite of the lily pad – whereas in the pad we look for an open spot among the pads, here we want to find patches of trees in open water.


Flooded timber creates a lot of shade for gamefish to rest and ambush. Examine the sun and the woods and find the shady spots, put your fly down there, and you’ll be rewarded. Strip your fly along the length of the shadow (rather than across it) to increase your chances. 


Home to:


  • Largemouth bass
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Panfish
  • Pike
  • Musky


Good patterns:

  • Popper
  • Deer Hair Bug
  • Surface Fly Patterns
  • Streamers



Wide variety of gamefish

Snags, but they’re worth it.  Fish the wood


 Plenty of shade  

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