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Bulrush Fly Fishing

Bulrush - Fly Fishing Structure


The bulrush is slang for several large wetland grass-like plants in the sedge family. These areas do not have broad leaves on the surface and do not offer the cover and concealment of a lily pad. For this reason, they do not attract the largemouth bass found in pads as much as they do smallmouth and rock bass.

A bulrush typically grows from a hardpan, gravel or rock bottom. They grow up to ten feet tall and the stalks can hang up flies cast into them.

For this reason, you should work in shorter casts and avoid tie ups.

Fish tend to move throughout the rush rather than congregating in a typical hot spot, so you’ll need to work your casts through every few feet of water to ensure that you are getting maximum coverage.

Cast the edges and gaps in the weed bed and look for depth changes. Bulrush patches are often adjacent to deeper water and drop-offs.


Home to:

  • Rock Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass

Good patterns:

  • Damselfly nymph/larvae
  • Panfish Poppers
  • Weighted Woolly Buggers
  • Zonkers
  • Rubber-legged Buggers



 Less crowded than lily pads  Overall lower fish population
Easier to land a fish, fewer snags   

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