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October 23 : Au Sable & Manistee River Report

The hunting and fishing this past week didn't quite heat up as much as I’d hoped.  It’s strange because I've never been wrong before.  Well, maybe I've been on the south side of completely accurate.

Actually, one of the beautiful aspects of hunting and fishing is that it is seldom predictable and rarely easy.  It’s dynamic and if it wasn't, it wouldn't be nearly as fun and the pay-off wouldn't be nearly as rewarding.  We’d all just fish in hatchery trout ponds and hunt inside high fence preserves and pheasant farms.  Not that that stuff isn't fun once and a while, especially with young and future sportsmen, but if you did it every day it’d get pretty stale.

IMG_20141023_091543_411Anyway, it’s not that our hunting and fishing was terrible last week but is surely wasn't consistent and it surely wasn't red hot.

Everything we expected to happen did, but just not as rapidly or bountifully.


The brown trout are moving to gravel in preparation for the spawn and the streamer bite was good in flashes.  But just in flashes.  A few browns that were better measured in pounds rather than inches were caught but, in each instance, it was about the only fish boated on that trip.  So the best of that action is still in front of us.

The song’s the same for the woodcock migration.  We’ve had some flights of birds dumping into local covers and the hunters lucky enough to stumble into them have had fast shooting, but those stories have been as scattered as the migration.  There’s certainly more to come.

The whitetail rut is in its early phases in our area.  The bucks are scraping and rubbing and beginning to harass does.  Hunters are reporting that the action is heating up more each day.

I’m guessing those experiences are a prelude finer fishing hunting in the days ahead.  After all, it is completely certain that the fish will spawn, the bucks will rut, and the woodcock will fly South for the winter.

IMG_20141023_091716_991But as October winds down so does Fall and with it goes things like dry fly fishing, salmon runs, and Fall color.  There’s a little of all that stuff left, but it is coming to an end. My advice is as always, do your best to get outdoors and have some fun.

Good Luck out there!


 Audio Report

Check out the audio report by clicking here or Orson!



  • Joe R.

    Fished Boardman R., last Saturday, was above the weir to start and could see three redds being spawned on, NICE size fish. Didn't get close to disturb them. Lost time due to changing reel set-up as I had to reverse the long sinking section to the floating butt, was then able to drift
    "glue eggs" across the bottom. saw some false strikes, no hook-ups.

    Afternoon went below the weir and used longer leader to bounce the bottom, no strikes.
    Did see some fish moving up but couldn't get a good ID.

    Did see another fisherman's truck that had four 14" -16" steelheads(?), lying in the truck bed.
    I wonder how they tasted???

    Local shop indicated that salmon run was 50% below average, they are waiting for the steelheads to come in.

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