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March 5 : Au Sable & Manistee River Report

Tail, body, wing, hackle.  Fly.  Tail, body, wing, hackle.  Fly.

It’s a production fly tier’s mantra.  And during a stretch of February like we just experienced, you take it to bed with you and wake in the small hours of the night up muttering it to yourself as you shuffle to the tying bench to assure yourself that the day’s fly mound of flies is safe.


Fly tying is a beautiful craft and some would even call it an art, but when you twist up a hundred dozen it is, in fact, piece meal production work.  I for one can’t wait for the upcoming, forecast warm weather and the wonderful distractions it promises.

It sure doesn’t take much to get me off the vice and with forecast upper thirties and even forties, I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to take me outdoors.   I hope you find yourself in the sunshine as well.


There will be lots of ways to satiate your cabin fever.

The last few weeks of safe ice fishing is upon us and though fishing has been just okay for the last couple of weeks the anticipated warm up could go a long way to getting those previously stubborn fish to take a poke at your minnow or waxworm.  I’m betting on it.  It’ll be nice to get a few more platefuls of panfish on the table and some fresh air in my chest.  Don’t overthink your strategy out there.  It’s ice fishing for crying out loud.  Just pick a lake, look out from the landing to the shanty towns, and get in the mix.


The trouble is that there’s also going to be some river fishing available and it could be tough to make a choice.  Sure it’s nice to catch a pile of perch or crappies, but we’ve been scratching that itch a bit throughout the winter and, if you’re like me, you’ve gotta be craving moving water.  Lakes are silent, thoughtful bodies that promise up great sunsets and sunrises and offer silence in a loud world.  But rivers do all those same things and add just a little bit of soul.

At the Old Au Sable, we’re tearing the shop apart for the upcoming Michigan Fly Fishing Show and for our exciting remodel.  It’s gonna be a fun year at the shop.  Stop by and check in on the progress.

We’ll see you all soon,



Click Orson for the audio report!

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