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Fly Madness Bracket 2015

We are one day away from the beginning of Fly Madness, and our first matchup is going to be the Borcher's Parachute vs. The Griffith's Gnat.

A look once again at the brackets:



You can click on the image for a larger version - and if you want to make your own predictions, you can download the spreadsheet version of the bracket here.

Do you have any thoughts or analysis on the winners?

John Williams has weighed in with this:

In regards to the brackets, if we allow the bias of dry fly fishing, what we live for, to influence our predictions and then factor in aesthetics and the ability to catch fish then the Drakes have an edge. That said if the ISO pattern is an extended body like the Jamie Clous pattern then the Drakes will have that work cut out for them.

Do you think he's on the money? What's your big upset pick? Be sure to comment here or on Facebook to let us know.

The Borcher's-Griffith's matchup will begin tomorrow morning - check out Facebook for the matchup and voting throughout the day!


  • Buzzy

    The Borchers, no contest. That yarnie pattern is pretty damned good.

  • Joe Reed

    Roberts Yellow Drake 12 - 14.
    Best fly we tie. Jreed

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