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Mio Dam
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Fly Madness 2015 - 2nd Round Update

The dust has cleared and we're down to the Sweet 16 of Fly Madness! Here's your updated bracket:



Based on totals in the first round, Borcher's Parachute, the Wooly Bugger,and Adam's Parachute seem to be some strong favorites to stay alive into the Elite 8 - but we shall see.

Our biggest blowout in the first round was Adam's Parachute against the Light Cahill:

pie-chart (1)


The closest matchup was the Smock's Sulphur and Chernobyl Hopper:

pie-chart (2)

As the field narrows, we expect to see some closer matchups in the second round. Which battle are you looking forward to most? Who is going to go all the way? Anyone surprised by the Sweet 16? Let us know in the comments!

Also, coincidentally, many of these flies are available in our custom fly assortment packages in the shop. Just sayin'.

(Special thanks to North To The Future for the bracket image)


  • I'm still a little sore that the stimulator was knocked out, but the Adam's parachute is going to take it home!!

  • patrick shanahan

    I'm going with circus peanut vs copper john final, with peanut taking it!

  • cid

    The Borchers parachute, with a natural post has got to be one of the deadliest fly's ever tied! Pick your size to match the bug of the day......ka-blamo! Just my humble opinion of course.

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